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FormSG is a platform that allows public officers in Singapore to create digital forms in minutes. The platform provides a zero code solution to collect data from government officials and members of the public.

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Key Highlights

Q1 2024 Jan-Mar

  • FormSG became one of the 150 UNDP recognized Digital Public Good products. Refer: https://digitalpublicgoods.net/registry/.
  • Multi-respondent forms piloted successfully with 3 agencies before launching at the end of Q1. Reached 924 workflow forms which have collected 3244 responses by April 22.
  • FormSG payments crossed 12000 transactions across 25 agencies actively using it.
  • Payment webhooks were launched to facilitate payment aggregation by MOE, that is removing their counter payments across 330 schools, starting with a trial of 20 schools ending in June.
  • FormSG payment is being used for providing HDB occupancy limit relaxation. ~3000 MOPs could get the relaxation till 22 April.
  • FormSG was adopted by the Cambodia Government to launch https://form.gov.kh/.

Q4 2023 Oct-Dec

  • FormSG payments crossed 6000 transactions across 25 agencies actively using it.
  • FormSG Charts were launched to allow admins to quickly analyze form responses. Up until now, more than 1000 admins have visualized their data with charts.
  • FormSG folders were launched to allow admins to better organize their forms. Up until now, more than 3000 folders have been created.
  • Admins can now log in to FormSG with their SingPass account, resulting in enhanced security and convenience.
  • Admins can now use 20 additional MyInfo fields with sgID (SingPass App Only Free) authentication. As a result, sgID-MyInfo now constitutes 21% of all our authentications.
  • Admins can now create MyInfo-verified forms using storage mode, resulting in trusted responses and convenient storage.

Q3 2023 Jul-Sep

  • Over 15 agencies created payment forms and over 3500 MOPs made cashless payments through the new FormPay feature.
  • FormPay also supported the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSA55) donation drive in collecting $170k for our veterans.
  • FormSG <> Go integration helped over 10k admins in instantly creating short links for their forms.
  • We enhanced our security by introducing virus scanning on file uploads and server-side response validation on storage mode.
  • Our new MyInfo child fields are being used by MOE for MyInfo-verified MK registration of ~500k children per year. Saving huge time spent on data verification.
  • Our new Pre-submission Feedback feature has allowed 2,111 form respondents to report form issues to 887 form admins without needing to submit the form.
  • With our Admin Feedback feature, 1,311 admins have been able to provide feedback about their form-building experience with 92.55% positive feedback, helping us ensure high admin satisfaction.

Q2 2023 Apr-Jun

  • Payments launched: Agencies can collect money without setting up a website.
    • ~$4000 payments have been processed without any issue, in pilot with JTC
  • New ‘Waiting room’ feature ensured reliability of FormSG platform during sudden surge of traffic for NDP registrations in which ~500k citizens participated.
  • New FormSG <> Plumber integration was built to send instant SMSes to ~700k citizens who registered for LKY commemorative coins

Q1 2023 Jan-Mar

  • Frontend design migration (from AngularJS to ReactJS) completed
    • Citizen satisfaction ratings moved from 4.4 to 4.7 out of 5
    • Admins are able to search and filter the forms in list view
    • Admins are able to create form with just drag and drop
    • Twilio set up became fully self-service, saving operations load
  • Sri Lanka became the first country to adopt FormSG

Q4 2022 Oct-Dec

  • FormSG internal tool was released to make ops smoother and safer
  • FormSG accessibility standards were approved by NLB and Etch Empathy
    • Will be used to serve visually impaired citizens in Punggol Regional Library
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