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Bright is a replacement platform for public and private hospitals, services providers, and social workers to refer patients to Intermediate and Long Term Care services. The goal of the new platform is to reduce the time it takes for a patient to receive the care they need. The current phase of the product aims to enable quicker matching a patient to ILTC service providers.

SINCE 2024

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Key Highlights

Q1 2024 Jan-Mar

  • Introduce a service matcher that replaces manual match patients to service providers, reducing matching times from 5 to 15 minutes down to < 3 minutes
  • Extended the service matcher to medical social workers to help them in their daily work of finding service providers for their patients
  • Introduced activity logs to ensure track changes made on the system for accountability
  • Tested the new referral format with Medical Social Workers (MSWs) and AIC staff, and improved the referral form based on feedback and findings.
  • Ran workshops to streamline the referral form for Palliative, Befriending and Buddying services.
  • Ran a small-scale test with 13 AIC clients to test whether patients can self-serve when given the option. The test was successful, and plans to incorporate this feature on launch.
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