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Care360 is a patient management system for medical social workers to plan and manage their patients' psychosocial and/or financial care.

SINCE 2023

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Key Highlights

Q1 2024 Jan-Mar

  • Scribe Hackathon project to help Medical Social Workers (MSWs) synthesise MSW-Patient conversations into structured progress notes.
  • Integration testing and support for NGEMR/BT
  • Workflow enhancements
    • Find out how close Community Service recommendations are to patients
    • Referral notification enhancements
    • Uploading multiple documents for patient profiles
    • Changes in respect of MOH guideline updates
    • Added new glossary terms for memos and improve reports

Q4 2023 Oct-Dec

  • Onboarded new institution, Woodlands Health (WH), on 22 Dec 2023
  • Integrations with new National Billing System (NBS) go-live
  • Workflow enhancements
    • MSWs can issue digital Financial Assistance Memos and documents via SMS instead of paper forms
    • New feature to allow duplication of financial forms to reduce repetitive form-filling
    • Dashboard enhancements to improve the visibility of new and critical cases
    • User auditing feature for admins to audit user access and generate reports for institutional reporting purposes
    • Support the go-live of new funds

Q3 2023 Jul-Sep

  • Onboarded remaining 2 NHG PHIs and all 6 NUHS PHIs
  • Completed migration of all data from NeMSW to Care360
  • Workflow enhancements
    • Patients can now receive documents from MSWs digitally via SMS
    • New feature to enable MSWs to merge patients for better tracking and care
    • Added inline editing to memo builder for an improved WYSIWYG experience
    • New feature to save and restore table filters to maximise workflow continuity and eliminate repetitive filtering actions
    • Introduced new auto-assignment logic builder to allow MSWs to configure how patient cases are routed to relevant teams of MSWs

Q2 2023 Apr-Jun

  • Onboarded all 12 Singhealth PHIs and 6 NHG PHIs
  • Workflow enhancements
    • New memo builder and bulk printing feature for users to self-manage templated document generation
    • Reporting feature for admins to generate reports for audit and institutional reporting purposes
    • New system integrations with NGEMR, BT, NeFR and MT

Q1 2023 Jan-Mar

  • Launched Care360 in March
  • Onboarded SGH, SNEC and NCCS
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